’If the bee disappeared from the surface of the earth then man would have only four years of life left.’’

A striking truth that puts into perspective just how precious bees are. Around the world, bees are responsible for pollinating three out of four food crops, and the vast majority of wild plants too. The intricate role they play within ecosystems is impossible to replace, so we must do all that we can to protect them.

Our honey is sourced by an organically certified producer in Europe. Their bees fly freely amongst organic Acacia woodland, illuminated by drooping clusters of delicate white flowers. This means the honey is not only organic and free from harmful pesticides, but it means the hives and honey collection process uphold rigorous European ethical and sustainability standards too. Supporting an industry that works tirelessly to provide a safe habitat for bees to thrive within is important to us — and it’s why every RawBuzz bar will only ever use organic honey.

Whilst organic honey protects the bees, it can also work to protect your immune system too… Our honey is raw (unpasteurised and unfiltered) meaning a higher density of nutrients and also pollen grains remain. Studies have shown that eating raw honey with local pollen grains can make us less susceptible to seasonal allergy symptoms — which is pretty sweet!

Organic Cacao

Certified as organic by the Soil Association, our cacao brings a whole heap of nutrients and a deeply aromatic taste sensation to our RawBuzz bars. The cacao groves within West Africa that supply our cacao are free from harmful pesticides, meaning the local environment is safer for people and wildlife.

The Soil Association has long been a World leader of not only organic but also ethical and sustainability standards too. They have a set of clear guidelines that allow both producers and consumers to understand what their official certification represents, and how products that carry their symbol benefit both people and planet.

Discover more about our raw ingredients, including their health packed potential and flavour structure.


Recycle Packaging

Our bars may be filled with a selection of organic produce, but our commitment to the natural world would be incomplete if our packaging didn’t also take care of the planet.

Every deliciously decadent RawBuzz bar is wrapped up and sealed with packaging that is 100% recyclable. Creating a bar that is seriously good for you, and ready to be responsibly recycled!