We care about the planet, and all of the wonderful things that live here too, so each RawBuzz bar is whipped up with a selection of sustainable and organic ingredients.

Our RawBuzz Cacao Honey Bars help to rewrite the chocolate scene by providing a fresh, chilled, and nutrient rich alternative to the long-life bars that line supermarket shelves.

Fresh chocolate provides a more intense and truly authentic chocolate flavour — not to mention a delightful texture that is sculpted into an irresistibly smooth and satisfying bite! But importantly, the benefits of being fresh also translate to more nutrients too… with antioxidants and vitamins saved from the deteriorating effects of pasteurisation and ultraprocessing.

When you explore our range you’ll discover a selection of of deliciously unique flavours, but each bar always starts its journey with 5 key ingredients…

A Drizzle Of Organic
Raw Honey

Our star of the show. Raw honey delivers a rich sweetness to our RawBuzz bars and, unlike refined sugar, it brings a whole heap of extra nutrition too! The official name is Acacia Honey ~ fancy ~ and it’s completely unrefined and unpasteurised, meaning it tastes exactly as the bees intended, and the high amount of nutrients are retained.

Acacia honey is oozing with nutrients like vitamin C, but the secret power is the generous quantity of anti-oxidants. To get super science-y for a moment, these nutrients can neutralise the free radicals in our bodies that are caused by stress and air pollution, helping to keep us safe from a number of diseases.
  • Organic honey needs to be sourced from bees who are free to fly and collect nectar from flowers on organic plants only.
  • This means the plants haven’t been coated in any harmful chemicals.
  • Honey producers use organic, all-natural fertilisers and insect control, so the bees are protected, and all local wildlife and habitats too. From streams to meadows!
  • Incredibly, due to the wide radius of organic land needed, there is yet to be an official organic English honey producer (hit us up if you’re creating one!). So we looked to our friends in Europe and sourced an award winning, organically certified Balkan Honey. It’s world renowned for its delicate taste and purity, plus it makes a perfect cacao companion! Curious to know more about how we sustainably source our organic Acacia honey?
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    A Generous Amount Of
    Organic & Sustainable Cacao

    Our Cacao is sourced from organically certified Cacao trees that are grown in tropical West Africa — a region that produces over 70% of the world’s Theobroma cacao. West African cacao is world-renowned for its rich quality.

  • Cacao is an amazing source of magnesium — which is great for a healthy heart and mind!
  • It also contains plenty of flavanols! These are anti-oxidants that can improve digestion and cognitive function, as well as reducing inflammation caused by toxins.
  • Cacao contains amino acids which can literally boost your mood and reduce stress! Eating chocolate has never been more blissful.
  • Amazingly it also has more calcium than milk, making it great for muscle, teeth and bone strength!
  • Like palm oil, cacao has often had a troubled past, with unfair farmer wages and the removal of rainforests, so we make sure our cacao is always sourced from ethical farms which have sustainable measures in place.
    To discover more about how we sustainably source our Cacao, and other ingredients, take a look at our sustainability page.

    A Splash Of
    Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

    Our raw, organic coconut oil is sourced from a tropical coconut estate in Sri Lanka. Each coconut is hand-picked from organically certified coconut groves that use no harmful chemicals.

    When picked, the coconut flesh is carefully cut away and then cold-pressed to produce a very pure, high quality oil. Cold pressing ensures the oil remains un-processed, with no questionable preservatives or additives — it also retains the highest level of nutrients possible, and coconuts sure are packed with a heap of nutrition…

    Anti-oxidants, healthy fats, proteins, as well as vitamins and minerals are shoulder to shoulder in every single drop of our organic coconut oil. It’s sweet, nutty and it keeps your body healthy from top to toe!

    A Dusting Of
    Sweet Almonds

    Almonds are packed full of minerals which nourish our bodies and mind. They’re rich in protein and fibre too, which can keep us feeling fuller and satisfied for longer — so a RawBuzz bar is a perfect midmorning or post-lunch fix!

    A Sprinkling Of
    Pink Himalayan Salt

    These delightful little rose coloured crystals heighten the delicious chocolatey flavour of our RawBuzz bars. Their delicate pink colouring is actually a rich blend of trace minerals, like calcium and iron, which the body is always grateful to receive!

    Pink Himalayan Salt is a lovely, natural alternative to the refined, anti-caking agent table salts that we might sprinkle on our seaside chips. It’s formed naturally — over 200 million years to be precise — and is completely unprocessed and ‘raw’.

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    Our Sustainability Promise

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