Our Story

RawBuzz bloomed into being, at around lunchtime, behind a
desk in corporate London. After a wander through
supermarket ‘guilt’ aisles, seeking something sweet,
wandering soon turned into wondering…

The choices lining the shelves never quite seemed to hit the sweet spot. Chocolate bars laden with refined sugar and questionably long shelf lives, or low-fat health bars with preservatives and stabilisers galore. Could there be an in-between? The indulgent chocolate treat that is seriously decadent, but seriously good for you…

This thought was taken home to the kitchen table, and after a little experimental blending — our first ever Cacao Honey Bar materialised on a honey drizzled countertop.

Simply Fresh.

Re-writing the Chocolate Scene.

Our RawBuzz bars unwrap our perceptions of chocolate and mould it into something new. Without refined sugar, preservatives, or excess processing, our bars are chilled to maintain the rich freshness of our 5 superfood ingredients. The cool, velvety texture of our Cacao Honey Bar is pure, nutrient-dense indulgence. Hitting the spot as an authentic chocolatey treat, and enriching your mind and body with natural goodness too!

Superfood indulgence. Only The Good Stuff.

Our 5 richly nutritious ingredients harmonise together to create a decadent chocolate treat that is simply, good for you and your gut! Anti-oxidant laden raw organic honey. Protein-packed almonds. Nourishing organic coconut oil. Mineral-rich organic cacao powder, and a sprinkling of pink Himalayan salt. Our bars are naturally healthy (and paleo!), with high quality, ethical, and sustainably sourced ingredients that are good for your wellbeing. It’s as simple as that.

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Nectar & Chill. The Vitalising Power of Organic Honey.

Our RawBuzz bars leave dairy, gluten, and refined sugar at the door as organic raw honey takes centre stage. It sweetens without overpowering the cacao, and its natural richness ensures every last chocolatey bite is packed with nutrients. By sourcing organic honey we also help to ensure a happy and healthy environment for the bees!

Find out more about the magnificent honeybee, and how we’re doing our part to help them thrive.