Why I Created RawBuzz

A fresh, sweet, decadent and truffle-y treat made from wholesome organic ingredients. That is what I was craving one day when my sweet tooth forced me to leave my office chair for the high street during an otherwise ordinary post-lunch slump. 

I was hoping to find something that would not only answer my sweet treat desires but also provide a satisfying range of nourishing ingredients (after all, aren’t naturally-occurring delights (think: fruits, cacao, honey...) the basis for all good puddings?).

However, I was left disappointed. And something struck me as odd that day. All of the sweet treats I craved were on shelves. Shelves. Shelves that were firmly secured in place far away from a fridge. This seemed, to me at least, unusual. These treats were packed full of ingredients that would, in their natural state, be kept chilled. Dairy that would otherwise go bad. Vegetable fats that would otherwise melt. Something did not smell right, and the unusually long shelf lives of the products confirmed it.

I wanted something different. Something full of natural ingredients: something that retained the fresh goodness of the sweet delights nature offers. And something that tasted delicious. After some experimenting at home, I found the fridge to be the key to producing a sweet, decadent treat that kept the freshness and goodness of its ingredients. Without the need for any additives. That is why all our cacao honey bars are kept chilled and why all are made from the same five, natural ingredients:

Organic Acacia Honey


Organic Cacao

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Pink Himalayan Salt

What a RawBuzz Cacao Honey Bar is is hard to define. It is not chocolate. It does not contain sufficient cacao butter to be considered chocolate. What we have created is more delicate. A RawBuzz Cacao Honey Bar has the texture of a moreish truffle, the light sweetness of fresh honey and the richness of silky chocolate (with a gentle edge of salt). It does not contain cacao butter. It does not contain dairy. It does not contain refined sugar. It is a treat that is not only delicious but is packed full of fresh, wholesome ingredients – meaning it can be enjoyed without guilt. It is the something sweet I craved that day when I left my office chair.